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"I've seen all kinds of things in my life.
Some were grey, some even black.
But colors, I have seen so many of them."
Valentino Felicetti


Valentino Felicetti, born in 1864, is a building contractor at the service of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He realizes the true potential of "Prima Fabbrica Fiemmese di Paste Alimentari", a pasta factory in Predazzo, and reaches an agreement to purchase the plant from Luigi Giacomelli.



Emilio, the eldest son of Valentino, takes the reins of the pasta factory.

All the work is done by hand, for twelve hours a day, producing 10 to 12 tons of pasta. Water, the most important natural resource, is channeled and used as the main source of power.


The plant's wooden structure is devastated by a fire. As Predazzo does not have a fire station, the Felicettis, with help from the whole community, must put out the fire on their own. Only the large dwelling house is spared.


Less than nine months later, the presses start to turn again: the factory has been reconstructed from what was, quite literally, a blank slate with renewed energy and untarnished enthusiasm.



There are now a total of 11 pasta factories in Trentino.

The State grants a refund of customs duties for goods exported north of the Brenner Pass, boosting the pasta sales in neighboring Austria.


Valentino - the son of Emilio Felicetti, born in 1935 and named in honor of his grandfather - is asked by the seven business partners of Pastificio Felicetti to take the helm of the company.


Pastificio Cielo, in Rovereto, is among the most important pasta factories in the Trentino region, producing five times more than Felicetti. With determination, courage and insight, Valentino buys it and transfers its modern machinery in Predazzo, allowing the company to reach much higher production volumes.



With innovative spirit, Felicetti acquires their first magnetic tape computer, steadily followed by all the latest IT breakthroughs. Meanwhile, a whole new line producing long cut pasta is opened.


The generational turnover brings three cousins - Riccardo, Paolo and Stefano - in the top management positions, while Valentino becomes President of the company. The new course marks a formidable expansion on international markets.


Monograno Felicetti, the top-of-the-line product, is introduced to meet the needs of demanding consumers and catering professionals.


The exterior of the plant is completely renewed: the facade acquires a modern and lively appearance, perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment. A large lettering spells out the word "PASTA", with prints underneath it explaining what each letter means to us.