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The organic choice, an essential commitment

At Felicetti, the commitment to organic farming is a fundamental responsibility, starting from its very definition: it is closely linked to one of our core values, the vocation to make the right thing. We share this paramount goal with suppliers who employ responsible farming methods, including not only the exclusion of any fertilizing and weed control chemicals, but also a rational and judicious use of land that can prevent its irreversible impoverishment.

Thus, we can proudly say that our pasta is made with just uncontaminated crops and high altitude spring water, processed with a deep respect for the integrity of its ingredients.

This underlying principle is also the foundation for an authentic and concrete ideal that pushes us to go beyond simple figures and numbers: when setting our goals, we never overlook the consequences for the environment and the farmers, invaluable companions on this journey. Our approach to "being organic", therefore, goes far beyond the adoption of organic cultivation and production standards, far beyond the mere manifesto, to contemplate a profound rethinking of the quality of life.