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Made-to-order, from Italy to the world

With time, knowledge consolidated into expertise, and expertise became mastery. We analyze the unique needs and expectations of each of our commercial customers, in order to tailor the perfect offerings for today's complex, multifaceted international markets.

Following our quest for quality, taste and healthiness, we continuously rethink our pasta to meet the ever-evolving trends of the modern world: unique selections of cereals, innovative shapes and recipes, new dies, package designs that enhance the product and exceed customer expectations.

Hard work, research and initiative drive our continuous innovation.

Hard work, research and innovation

We serve markets as diverse as Germany, Benelux, Great Britain, Canada, USA, UAE, Korea, Japan and Australia, and we have recently made some international acquisitions. Therefore, we must proactively respond to increasingly complex challenges. Hard work, research and initiative are the drivers of this process of continuous innovation.

Over the years, Felicetti grew to become one of the top export specialists among medium size, premium pasta manufacturers, while never renouncing our traditional values and original corporate spirit.

Today, "special" pasta is worth 2/3 of the yearly revenues.