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The ingredients: at the origins of quality

Nature provides us with two irreplaceable and priceless elements: pure water and clean air, straight from the mountains. We feel that such precious ingredients should only be complemented by the finest grains, chosen with a technical and empirical knowledge that, over the years, has become an art. Our flours - whole and organic durum, Kamut® Khorasan and spelt - must comply with the strictest quality criteria and are sourced strictly from selected producers who share our same values.

For over one hundred years, we refined the meticulous processing and the sophisticated combination of wheat that make our pasta. The result is a product with outstanding taste, fragrance, and a set of perfectly balanced characteristics that make it irresistible to all pasta lovers: perfect cooking properties, a complex texture, and enough versatility to marry beautifully with every sauce.

A fine-tuned production

Four production lines knead and cut over 60 tons of pasta in a hundred different shapes every day, without ever sacrificing the paramount commitment to excellence that prompted us to obtain the most advanced quality certifications. Strict control procedures are implemented at every stage of the process, under the constant supervision of our master pasta makers. As a matter of fact, the human intuition still plays an important role, alongside with automation and technology, in fine-tuning the process to each infinitesimal climatic variations, hour after hour.

Our Research Laboratories certify the purity and organoleptic richness of the semolina even before it gets stored in the silos, ready to be sent to the production lines to be alchemically combined with pure spring water. The dough is then extruded through the dies, true pieces of mechanical jewelry, and then the newly formed pasta is finally taken to the drying area.

Flour, water, air: when a product consists of just three ingredients, one of which is intangible, only an obsession with quality can guarantee the uncompromised excellence of the final outcome. The secret of its magic lies in this minimalism: simple flavors that encapsulate the infinity of nature.

Our Research Laboratories certify the purity and organoleptic richness of the semolina even before it gets stored.