Pennoni Monograno Felicetti "IL CAPPELLI", charcoal and cheese


On the Twelfth night, in Italy, a strange lady visits all children’s homes: the "Befana", that takes her name form the Epiphany, celebrated on Jan 6th. She is like a good witch, carrying a bah full of gifts for the good children… and coal for the naughty ones. In modern times, the latter has been replaced by sugar charcoal and sometimes cheese, i.e. "white coal" for the good and well-behaved kids.

We created this recipe as a kind joke about the gentle "Befana": let's boil the Pennoni Monograno® Felicetti al dente and, after draining, sautè them with a cream made with garlic, oil, hot pepper (if you love it) and some charcoal elongated with a little cooking water. Stir vigorously in the pan and pour into dishes, finishing with a genrous amount of grated salted ricotta.

INGREDIENTI (4 to 6 servings)

1 box Pennoni Monograno® Felicetti “IL CAPPELLI”

8 to 10 charcoal tablets


Olive oil


Hot pepper

Salted Ricotta Cheese