Pennine Rigate with roasted tomato and charred onion.


Pennine Rigate


Tomatoes give their best in summer, but we've become accustomed to having everything available all year long: of course, december tomatoes won't offer half the strength and flavour than those ripened under summer's sun, but just in case we can't resist a truly, madly deep craving for tomato pasta in winter, we shall roast them to concentrate and enhance flavour and taste!

For this recipe, inspiration comes from "Spaghetti all'assassina", a traditional dish from Puglia.

Let's beging roasting cherry tomatoes in a hot iron pan, only slightly greased with olive oil.

After a short while, when halves will be slightly burnt and blackish, add raw Pennine Rigate Originale Felicetti.

Add one tablespoon of olive oil, pour a cup boiling salted water, and let cook.

Pennine might as well stick to the pan sometime, getting slightly burnt and yet deliciously crunchy.

Add a whole hot chili pepper without cutting it, so that it yields little of its power and in a polite way.

Roast the onion rings in anotyher pan before adding them to our pennine: serve hot and enjoy!

INGREDIENTS (serves4-to 6)
1 pack Pennine Rigate Originale Felicetti
500g cherry tomatoes
1 Tropea onion
Olive oil
Salt, 1 whole hot pepper