Occhi di pernice with lentils, and scraps vegetable broth.


Occhi di Pernice


Waste not, want not right? You might think that vegetable peels and remnants aren’t good for much more than composting, but check out this lovely soup made with scraps vegetable Broth, lentils and Occhi di Pernice pasta!

What you need:

240 g Occhi di Pernice

1 lt. veggie scraps broth

240g dried lentils

olive olil, dslt, pepper

Pecorino cheese

Pour all the scraps: onion, carrots, celery, potatoes and put everything in a saucepan with abundant, salted water. Let it simmer for a long time over very low heat: the broth should quiver, never boil.Two to three hours later, , drain and squeeze the scraps, while keeping the broth. Pour the dried lentils and let them boil for about twenty minutes, before adding Occhi di Pernice pasta. When ready (about 7 minutes) pour the soap into the dishes and complete with oil, pepper and grated pecorino cheese.