New Monograno Felicetti Paccheri Rigati pasta with broccoli and leek


Lightly heat the garlic and chilli pepper in the iron pan, once heated. Then add the sliced ​​leek and chopped broccoli, and let it simmer. Add some pasta cooking water and flavor with anchovies. Cook the Paccheri Rigati Monograno il Cappelli al dente in lightly salted water - the salt from the anchovies will make the seasoning very tasty and briefly sauté them in the vegetable pan. In the meantime, coarsely chop the hazelnuts: to obtain the plating in the photo, arrange 5 paccheri for each plate, and coat them with the sauce. Of course we can serve a much larger portion if desired! Complete with chopped hazelnuts and send to the table.


20 Paccheri Rigati Monograno Il Cappelli (or more)

200g broccoli

2 leeks

garlic, oil, hot chili pepper