Mezze maniche with rocket and almond pesto, confit cherry tomatoes.



240g Mezzemaniche Monograno Il Cappelli

A bunch of rocket leaves

50g almonds

200g cherry tomatoes



Icing cane sugar

Wash and cut the cherry tomatoes in half. We massage them with oil and salt, then sprinkle with a hint of icing cane sugar, and we cook them in the oven at 75°C for 6 hours. After having washed and drained the rocket leaves well, start pounding them in the mortar with the untoasted almonds little by little. Add a little salt and olive oil to obtain a creamy pesto. Boil the mezze Maniche to the right point, drain them summarily and season them with the pesto and cherry tomatoes, keeping some aside. Add the remaining cherry tomatoes to each portion, and enjoy!