Linguine Biologica Felicetti with cream of lettuce, matured goat cheese and mint.


The particular elliptical cross-section of the Linguine, together with their porous surface, makes their encounter with creamy sauces a match made in heaven.

This particular recipe is for a kind of pesto made from the lettuce leaves, enlivened by anchovies and mature goat cheese, and refreshed by a touch of mint. First, wash the lettuce and cut it into strips to be dipped in boiling water for 1 minute.

Place the anchovies, cheese, lettuce leaves, oil and a pinch of salt into the immersion blender glass and blend on full speed. Put the Linguine to boil and place the freshly made pesto in a pan, then dilute it with half a ladle of cooking water. Drain the Linguine and toss them in the pan off the heat until the sauce clings well to the pasta. When the pasta is cooked al dente, roll it up on a fork and place it on a plate, add some sauce and a sprig of curly parsley. A dash of freshly grated pepper and voilà.