Felicetti Organic Spelt Fusilli with vegetables and roasted tomatoes.


A main dish rich in fiber, vitamins and proteins: Organic Spelt Fusilli salad with veggies and roasted tomatoes.


1 pack of Organic Felicetti Fusilli Spelt.

A handful of green beans

1 eggplant

2 courgettes

400g tomatoes


Ricotta salata

Heat the oil with a few mint leaves in a pan, add all the diced vegetables and green beans into diamond shapes.

Meanwhile, cut the tomatoes into three or four parts, and roast them in a lightly greased iron pan. Season with salt.

Drop the fusilli in boiling salted water.

Pour two or three tablespoons of the browned vegetables to the glass of the hand blender, together with two tablespoons of cooking water and one of oil. Blend well.

Drain the fusilli and add them to the vegetables in the pan, sautè them with the sauce, stirring carefully.

Arrange the rosted tomatoes on the plate, pour the fusilli, complete with a sprinkle of salted ricotta and a few fresh mint leaves.