Ditalini Biologica Felicetti al Kamut® Khorasan with leek, Jerusalem artichoke and black cabbage pesto


Until a few years ago, black cabbage was the undisputed and almost exclusive main ingredient of a famous Tuscan dish called ‘ribollita’, a sumptuous soup made with vegetables and stale bread. The popularity of cooking has brought to the knowledge of the general public many important ingredients, such as black cabbage, for instance: savoury and delicately bitter, capable of giving lash and power to many dishes.

Here it is transformed into a pesto, almost a mousse, which enhances the soup of Jerusalem artichokes, leeks and Kamut® Khorasan Ditalini.

First of all, peel and slice the leek and put it to stew with a clove of garlic to be removed later, a sprig of marjoram and a tablespoon of oil. Coarsely peel the Jerusalem artichokes and dice them, adding them to the stewed leek along with a glass of water. Let it cook for at least half an hour on a low flame, adjusting for salt at the end.

Finally, dilute with hot water and pour in the ditalini.

In the meantime, wash and cut the kale into strips and put it in a blender together with almonds, oil and a pinch of salt. Pour the soup into a dish and add a spoonful of pesto and finish with freshly ground pepper. Stir before tasting.


1 package of Ditalini Biologica Felicetti al Kamut® Khorasan

1 whole leek

400g of Jerusalem artichoke

1 bunch of kale

A handful of fresh almonds

A sprig of marjoram

Oil, salt, pepper