Summer Fancy Food


Summer Fancy Food Show

Monograno Felicetti was in New York from 30 June to 2 July for American's important Summer Fancy Food Show, where over the years we have made many interesting business contacts and our pasta has been awarded several important prizes.

For the 2018 event, the leitmotif at the Monograno Felicetti stand was the concept of simplicity, intended as the mere –yet extraordinary – 3 ingredients that make up the company's pasta: fine wheat varieties, spring water and the pure Dolomites air. Because it is the quality of the pasta, rather than the sauce, that makes a dish truly unforgettable.

Simplicity is also the trait that accompanied the launch, at the Fancy Food Show, of "Il Cappelli" Il Valentino on the American market. These oversized spaghetti (measuring 2.4 mm in diameter) feature the enveloping flavour of Senatore Cappelli semolina, and will unleash the imagination of every star-spangled chef, while also enhancing homemade lunches and dinners throughout the US.

Simplicity also marked the dishes served at the stand. Guy Arnone, Sous Chef at Babbo in New York, prepared his very own "Spaghetti al pomodoro" and his "Pasta alla Gricia", a simple dish recently mentioned in the New York Times as accompanying the highs and lows of generations of Italians throughout the centuries.