Respect Food - Charity dinner


A Michelin-starred charity dinner

On the evening of 18 April, the exuberant creativity and festive atmosphere of Milan's Design Week enjoyed a welcome injection of solidarity. The picturesque rooms of the Sforza Castle, a cultural attraction symbolising the city of Milan, hosted an exclusive dinner, the proceeds of which were donated to Food for Soul the non-profit organization founded by Chef Massimo Bottura to promote awareness about food wastage and social exclusion.

The Charity Dinner was attended by some of the brightest stars in the haute cuisine scene: Andrea Berton (Ristorante Berton, Milan), Enrico Cerea (Da Vittorio, Brusaporto), Carlo Cracco (Cracco, Milan), Antonio Guida (Seta Mandarin Oriental, Milan), Giancarlo Morelli (Pomiroeu, Seregno), Matias Perdomo (Contraste, Milan), and Viviana Varese (Alice, Milan).

Monograno Felicetti has long supported the initiatives of Food for Soul, and on this occasion has chosen to take part in an evening that reflects our innate philosophy. Quality ideas; transforming food waste into products of excellence; the power of beauty as a driver of change and as food for the soul; the value of hospitality at the table; these are all themes in which we strongly believe, and that drive us to remain in the front line at all times.