Pastificio Felicetti has never used cricket flour and has no intention of using it in the future.


For the past few days, that is, since the news came out of cricket flour coming onto the market in the European Union, a 2017 news story has begun to circulate in which Riccardo Felicetti claimed to have requested a test, at a factory outside the Felicetti pasta factory itself, for making pasta with cricket flour.

The test never led to a decision by the pasta factory to use such flour, and therefore that type of pasta was never produced.

The company intends to protect itself via its legal department in respect of any unfounded news that may damage the reputation and image of Pastificio Felicetti.


Q: Does Pastificio Felicetti use cricket flour in any of its products?

A: No.

Q: Does Pastificio Felicetti intend to use it in the future?

A: No.

Q: Can a pasta manufacturer use cricket flour or any other insect flour without stating it?

A: No, the manufacturer is obliged to list it among the ingredients on the package label.

Q: Why did Pastificio Felicetti conduct the test with cricket flour?

A: Pastificio Felicetti has never conducted tests with cricket flour. The tests were conducted in a facility external to the pasta factory by Riccardo Felicetti on his own personal account, following his special interest in research.