Identità New York 2018


Identità Golose, the Italian fine dining congress, returned to the United States for more events: from Monday 1 to Wednesday 3 October the ninth Identità New York congress took place, and on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 - for the very first time - the congress called at Los Angeles.

Two cities, two different worlds, and so two different themes. In New York the Human Factor played the leading role, which was also the theme of Identità Golose Milano last spring, while in Los Angeles the focus was on Fire, the most ancient source of heat known to humankind.

Monograno Felicetti took part once again in both cities' events, displaying its uniqueness and offering some lessons from the best-known chefs.

The high point in New York was Wednesday 3 October, with the lesson "The extraordinary world of Italian pasta" held by Carlo Cracco (Cracco, Milan). Everyone loved his "Il Valentino Il Cappelli Monograno Felicetti, purple cabbage, cocoa grué and salmon roe": a great success for a chef who is known particularly for his rice dishes, but who has the right skills to take on the world of pasta with just the same creativity and expertise. He had another huge success at the Dine Around evening dinner, with his "Fusillone Matt Monograno Felicetti, sorrel, smoked mackerel and black garlic".

In Los Angeles we met Carlo Cracco once again, who paired up with the pastry philosopher Corrado Assenza (Caffè Sicilia, Noto), duetting on the theme of Sweet pasta and savoury pasta. Corrado Assenza's response to "Il Valentino" which Cracco made in New York was "Pasta by the sea - Chilled Spaghetto Monograno Felicetti in a sea of prawns and almond, orange blossom honey-infused squid, candied chilli pepper and almost raw tomato salsa".