Identità Golose 2019


Memorie di pasta (Pasta memories)

The theme of the 15th edition of Identità Golose, the Italian haute cuisine congress held in Milan from Saturday 23 to Monday 25 March, was Building new memories, following on from the human factor of the last edition. Pastificio Felicetti also wanted to present its Memorie di pasta: memories and traditions that look to the future, seeking to become the most memorable pasta dishes of tomorrow.

During the three days of Top Chefs and theatrical Pasta Lovers, the stoves of Monograno Felicetti Bistrot hosted creations that took us into the past and future of pasta.

On Saturday 23 March, three-star chef Norbert Niederkofler (St. Hubertus, San Cassiano – BZ)) opened the series of memories with Monograno Felicetti spelt Ditalini pasta with game salmi, berries and Radice Imperatoria, and Kamut® Khorasan Fusilli Monograno with Tyrolean style carbonara. In the afternoon Pasta Lover Stefano Caffarri (author, photographer, business consultant) presented his Spaghettoni Il Cappelli Monograno Felicetti cooked in fresh beet extract, with steamed petals of cod.

Sunday was Identità di Pasta (Pasta Identity) day, a format created in 2010 by Riccardo Felicetti together with the founder of the congress Paolo Marchi and since October 2018 supported by a dedicated hub on Via Romagnosi. While nine chefs took turns on the stage of the Sala Blu, in the Monograno Felicetti Bistrot Carlo Cracco (Cracco, Milan) presented his Homage to Milan- Pàche Matt Monograno Felicetti gratin, Savoy cabbage and pork. In the afternoon, the South Tyrolean food blogger and influencer Stefano Cavada offered his Rigatoni Kamut® Khorasan Monograno Felicettiwith homegrown peppers.

To conclude the event, the recent winner of Identità Golose 2019's Radici Future (Future Roots) award, Paolo Griffa (Petit Royal, Courmayeur - AO), delighted the public at the Monograno Felicetti Bistrot with his Fusilloni Matt Monograno Felicetti, potatoes and beets and Rigatini di farro Monograno Felicetti, lamb ragout with spices, tarragon and yarrow yoghurt. The journalist and founder of Radio Food Luca Sessa then showed off all his culinary verve with the Subbiotti Rigati Felicetti with potatoes.