Identità golose 2017


Welcome on board

The first meaning that we tend to attach to the word "journey" is definitely that of a physical movement, from one point to another. But a journey can be a state of mind, too; perhaps triggered by an external stimulus that evokes past experiences or the object of our desires.

At the "Monograno Diner", our special space at Identità Golose, Monograno Felicetti took visitors on a fantastic journey through history, cultures and tastes.

Pasta is perhaps the Italian product that has traveled the most throughout history; therefore, it was perfectly suited as our "special vehicle" for this exciting journey. From its role as a mean of survival in the wake of the migration flows, pasta exports boomed, and today it is loved and appreciated all around the world. Felicetti might have had a hand in it, too...

Once it has reached its destination, pasta combines with local influences, customs and ingredients, and gets creatively reinvented by the vision of the chefs that it encounters along the way. How can we find out more about a place and its culture?

By enjoying a plate of pasta prepared in a local restaurant, of course!

With help from chefs Carlo Cracco, Giorgio Nava and Luca Fantin, Monograno Felicetti describes the journey to discover local cuisines (Italian, South African, and Japanese) through pasta recipes prepared using local ingredients.

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