Fish&Chef 2018


Evolutions in Gourmet Cuisine

From Sunday 22 to Friday 27 April, the 9th Fish&Chef put the spotlight on six of the most spectacular Michelin-starred restaurants on the Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino shores of Lake Garda, with Monograno Felicetti serving as main partner of a series of gin-based gourmet dinners.

The Dream Team of 17 Garda-based Chefs involved in interpreting the Monograno Felicetti formats included: Matteo Rizzo (Il Desco, Verona), who prepared "Il Cappelli Fusillotti with sour 'malga' butter, cauliflower, barley and trout bottarga"; Claudio Melis from Bolzano, with his "Matt Fusilloni 'marinara' style with lemon, lake powder and salted gin"; Anna and Oreste Corradi (Locanda Vecchia Pavia Al Mulino) with their "Matt Fusilloni with a small vegetable and lightly smoked freshwater whitefish ragu"; and Alessadro Gilmozzi (El Molin, Cavalese) with his "Il Cappelli Fusillotti served with freshwater whitefish, Garda gin distilled from extra virgin olive oil, green coffee and sardine caviar".

The event is a veritable ode to the area's products of excellence: freshwater fish, wine, extra virgin olive oil and Blonde d' Aquitaine beef, and all enhanced by the pairing with Monograno Felicetti pasta. The common goal shared by the pasta factory and the organisers of Fish&Chef was to "create an opportunity to enhance local produce, reflecting a deep-seated love and respect for the local territory".