Felicetti Golf Challenge 2017

Golf is a way of thinking, a way of being, and a challenge for continuous improvement: just like our pasta.


Pasta is our life; sport is our passion.

Every year, we hold the Felicetti Golf Challenge, an unmissable event for all sports lovers. It takes place amidst the dazzling sceneries of the Dolomiti Golf Club Sarnonico, where the green grass and the blue skies compose a picture of surreal beauty. We met there for two days of fun, competition and good food.

This year, the first challenge was held on 30 July, with the participation of a golf star: Giulia Sergas, a professional player on the LPGA Tour.

After competing for the generous prize pool, players enjoyed the crowning moment of the evening: the dinner. The main ingredient? Our pasta, of course, brilliantly interpreted with inspiration, creativity and panache by Norbert Niederkofler, chef of the award-winning restaurant St.Hubertus at Rosa Alpina, in San Cassiano.

The award ceremony, a fitting end to a beautiful event, was held on 14 August in that same place.