Matt Egg tagliatelle with black summer truffle, Grana Trentino cheese and artichokes with veal shoulder roast



Ingredients for 4 people:

280 g egg tagliatelle

For the sauce:
50 g white wine
15 g summer truffle cut into leaves
30 g Grana Trentino cheese
30 g shallot
80 g chicken stock
30 g extra virgin olive oil from Garda
5 g silver thyme
5 g peppermint
200 g violet artichoke hearts
salt and pepper

For the garnish:
truffle cut into leaves
flowered thyme
flowered mint
wafers of Grana Trentino cheese



Heat a little olive oil in a pan with the shallots and the chopped artichoke. Add the truffle, the Grana Trentino cheese and deglaze with wine. Let it evaporate for 2/3 minutes, add the stock, the thyme, the mint and season to taste. Cook the tagliatelle, mix with the sauce and serve by sprinkling truffle, thyme leaves and flowered mint on top and finally add the Grana wafers. With the pasta serve a veal shoulder roasted in the oven with a meat thermometer at 62/68°C mixed with extra virgin olive oil and raspberry vinegar.

Peter Brunel