Matt penne with smoked ricotta and zucchini flowers



Ingredients for 4 people:

300 g penne

For the sauce:
160 g smoked ricotta
5 g lemon peel
3 g sugar
2 g salt
30 g extra virgin olive oil from Garda
8 zucchini flowers
5 g fresh oregano
3 g fresh mint
3 g chives
peanut oil  



Chop the oregano, the mint and chives and mix it with the extra virgin olive oil. In an oven dish lay the zucchini flowers on baking paper and brush them with peanut oil. Let the flowers dry in the oven at 80°C until they become crispy. Cook the pasta in water with lemon peel, sugar and salt. Drain it and serve it with the grated smoked ricotta, the herbs’ oil and the crispy zucchini flowers laid on top.

Peter Brunel